Solutions to Wet Basement

Effective Solutions to Wet Basement Walls

One of the greatest fears to any homeowner is damage to the basement. This is because it can spell disaster to the rest of the building. One of the early signs of a defective basement therefore is leaks. Generally, these leaks are known to take place in times of heavy rainfall or even snow melts. Wet basements would be caused by constant leaks in basement windows, doors and walls. This can also be caused by deterioration of the tile systems, leaking or plugged downspouts, inferior drainage systems or overflowing eaves troughs.

One of the best solutions to wet basement walls is to install devices that help in flood proofing. These include floor caps, sump pumps and back-water valves. After installation, these objects should be examined regularly in order to ensure that they are always in good working order. It is also important that you pay close attention to all areas of your basement in order to fix any leaks in walls, floors, windows and even foundations

Wet walls can also be dealt with by clearing blocked downspouts as well as eaves troughs of all waste materials. This is because it has been proved to hinder the functionality of the drainage system. If you realize cracks in your basement, the best option to go for is to repair using a hydroponic polyurethane kit. These kits are water activated and once they come in contact with dampness, they react instantly and expand, thus filling the crack right from the back to the front. It is not advisable to use hydraulic cement or any other product that is cement based for that matter. This is because they can only act as a temporary solution since water will always find a way through them.

However, there are cases when you do not have cracks but still experience wet walls. In such cases, it is advisable to seal your basement using a penetrating concrete sealer. The sealers come in two types; coatings and penetrants. Coatings are meant to coat the concrete surface and will start to flake and peel once it comes in contact with water. Penetrants on the other hand work below the surface in order to stop the water before it enters the concrete. They are known to work better and last longer.

wall braces

The other solution to wet basement walls is doing sub-floor, water re-directional system. This is whereby you trench around the basement’s interior wall and install a drainage system all round the basement’s perimeter. It works better if walls and any water under the slab are completely drained during seasons of long rains.

It is important to realize the fact that basement floors and walls are built below the ground level. This therefore means that the water table will try to make its level by sneaking through the cracks or even through the porous cement blocks or concrete. This therefore means that any homeowner would need to consider the right basement waterproofing for their homes. This would subsequently reduce and even completely stop cases of wet basement walls.

If you think that a DIY basement fix is beyond your means, consider a basement repair company that has the necessary expertise and equipment to provide a permanent solution.


Interested In House Leveling?

house levelingA lot of homes experience foundation problems overtime. You see, the foundation that our home sits on settles out of place after a while. This isn’t something that can be avoided through good engineering. It happens to all homes eventually. That’s why you need to make sure you have your house leveled before these problems become to much.

Many people wonder why it’s so important to have their house leveled once they start experiencing problems. It’s not just about maintaining the value of their home. Although, it does have a lot to do with that. Your house will lose almost all of it’s value if it’s suffering from foundation problems. Having a good foundation can save more then just the value of your home though. When you have a decent foundation you’ll find that a lot of home projects will go smoother. Having a strait foundation can make it easier to put windows in strait. Also, doors are much likely to last loner when you have a strait foundation to keep them leveled.

Live in an area that’s moist? Even if you don’t, there’s still a chance that termite damage could have happened to you. Nothing makes a house more unsafe then a hollowed out foundation because of termite damage. Plus, if your home has been damaged due to a termite attack, it’s a lot more likely that the damage done to your foundation has cost you the value of your home. A simple home leveling should fix this problem. You might want to hire an exterminator before having your house leveled. I wouldn’t want the problem to repeat itself.

A lot of people pay around $6,000- to $7,500 per thousand square feet to have their house leveled. Of course, the cost of having your house leveled is going to depend on more then just the company you go with. It’s going to be a lot cheaper to have your house leveled if you’re in a rural area, rather then in the middle of Dallas. Whatever the cost, it should be around 6,000 to 7,500 per 1,000 square feet. If it’s more, you’re probably being ripped off. If it’s less, you should wonder whether or not this is a legitimate company that does an okay job.

You can find out more information about the contractor you’re interested in hiring by looking up reviews online. A lot of people use sites like Angie’s list to find decent reviews of contractors. The bad thing about this site is the fee, the good thing is the verified reviews. The reviews on this site are also easy to understand. Companies are given simple letter grades like A or B. It’s like what we got in school.

I hope you decide to keep up with the maintenance on your home. I’d hate for you to run into problems when it comes time to sell your home. If you’d like a smooth selling process, you need to make sure this is taken care of. Plus, it’ll make your house look so much better. It might even make it safer.


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All You Need To Know About Foundation Cracking

foundation cracksIf you head down to your basement and see a large (or small) crack in the property foundation it can send fear through your heart. The foundation of a building is literally the building block of a structure and if this foundation is not sturdy there is a chance the house will crumble. The majority of people, when seeing foundation cracking, are not only concerned for the crack itself but also the cost of repairing that crack. To repair a crack you will require specialist services and these can be rather costly. Fortunately, if you take the time to educate yourself and gain some information on managing foundation cracking you will realize that the situation is not as overwhelming as it may seem. In fact, fixing the crack can be quite simple if you locate the right technician and use the most suitable method.

What can cause a foundation to crack?

There are various reasons as to why a structure’s foundation may crack. For example, an incorrect fill material may have been used when building the foundation leading to later cracking. Another common cause is water damage causing by bad plumbing or other types of water leaks. Damage by machinery is possible, as is cracking caused by a change in weather and shifting of the soil beneath the foundation. Identifying the overall reason for the crack is important in choosing a repair method and professional technicians can help with this procedure. These technicians can also assist in waterproofing the basement after repairing the damaged area.

What options are available to fix the foundation cracking?

There are numerous methods to repair a foundation crack, some which are more time-intensive and expensive than others. The easiest and most cost-effective is known as ‘patching’ and involves the filling of a crack using a polyurethane crack injection. The filling process begins by covering the surface of the damaged area to allow the crack to be filled from both sides of the hole using a special injection machine. The polyurethane is injected beginning at the bottom of the crack and fills the hole until the crack is filled completely. It must be left for 24 – 48 hours in order to dry and upon setting the damaged area is repaired.

Other methods to repair a foundation crack include rebuilding of the foundation, particularly where the crack is very large; however, these methods are far more costly than patching and require specialized services.

How can I find a repair technician?

If you notice a foundation crack at your residence it is important to locate a reputable and reliable technician to repair this difficulty as soon as possible. Of course, you should seek out a company offering the patching option as this is the most cost-effective method; however, it is recommended that you identify a foundation repair company that offers additional repair methods in case the crack is more severe than anticipated. Always check if the chosen technician has positive reviews via a third-party online review site and take these testimonials to heart.

Dealing with a damaged property foundation can be difficult, but by following the advice in this article it can be less overwhelming than imagined.

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All You Need To Know About Foundation Repair Methods

foundation repair methodsThe foundation of a property is potentially the most significant part of a home. This is because it is the primary structural element that provides the base of the house carrying all its weight, including contents; therefore, it is essential you maintain a frequent check of this foundation to ensure it is in ‘tip-top’ shape. Sometimes, you may notice, the moisture from the property walls will leak into the foundation and cause cracks. In order to avoid any severe damage it is vital that you repair these cracks immediately. This article will provide you with some of the most common foundation repair methods.

As is mentioned above, foundation problems can be recognized via the cracks on a building’s wall and when floors or doors are difficult to close. This is generally due to changes in moisture, caused by weather, leading to a shrinking in soil beneath the foundation. The three most prevalent repair techniques include patching, slabjacking and piering.

1. Patching

Property foundation damage will most often begin with something as small as a crack in the wall caused by a shifting of soil or freezing of the ground; however, should this occur and immediate action is not taken the crack can enlarge and spread causing greater levels of seepage. By leaking water the foundation damage can be aggravated and the condition worsened, but patching using injection ports will help resolve the problem. The injection ports will then seal the cracks and fix the issue.

In some instances, if a patio or pool decking is damaged a stamped concrete or decorative finish will need to be applied subsequent to the repairs.

2. Slabjacking

In addition to water leakage, a foundation crack can also lead to tilting of the foundation in a particular direction – this is severe damage to the structure. The most effective means of managing this difficulty is via slabjacking. Slabjacking involves using the concrete slab to flat back the structure back into its correct position by drilling holes into the foundation and putting a chemical into place that will turn into polyurethane foam. Once in place the foam will expand and shift the concrete slab back to its original position.

3. Piering

Piering is a foundation repair method that incorporates an excavation of the damaged area. Piers are put into position at key points beneath the structure, wherever there is need for support. Once this is completed, technicians will hydraulically lift the building and simultaneously lock piers into their respective positions. Hydraulic cement is then placed against the shaft of the different piers and excavated earth is filled underneath the residence against the wall.

Final words on the matter

As can be imagined, the resolution of all foundation cracks and damage must be completed almost immediately. This is to avoid any further difficulties and any increased cost to you for small cracks can be expensive to repair and a large problem can be even more costly. Of course, this project will require specialized technicians; therefore it is necessary to locate a trained and reliable foundation repair company in order to repair your structure effectively. By following the article above and working with reliable technicians you will have a flawless foundation for your home.

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All You Need To Know About Foundation Repairs And Foundation Repair Companies

foundation repair companyIn order to keep your house standing firm it is essential to complete regular foundation damage checks and foundation damage repairs if necessary. If this is not done the foundation will weaken and the structure may experience extensive deterioration. Properties that are not constructed with any type of piers or pilings will not have enough support to withstand the elements and may require repair sooner than others. This article will provide information on foundation repairs and different foundation repair companies.

As is mentioned above, the weather can have a negative influence on the structure and foundation. This is due to the changing weather patterns, especially extreme weather patterns, causing the soil beneath the property to become eroded and to shift. In these situations it may be seen that you will require foundation repairs to maintain the structure and steadiness of the building. Furthermore, moisture can seep into the soil from rainfall and water leakage causing shifting of the foundation. This can be remedied by using soaker hoses.

Many people are unaware of this, but cracking in the foundation can be caused by equipment and large trees that surround a property. Large tree roots are able to absorb a great amount of moisture and when they grow under your home they can cause the foundation to weaken. If this happens it is highly recommended that you have the foundation leveled as this can repair any current or potential damage. After the leveling of the concrete slab you may want to identify a foundation repair company that can install root barriers to prevent future root problems.

Another method of identifying damage to the foundation is via cracking on the property’s inside wall – this generally means that you will need a pier foundation repair. These types of cracks often appear on the corners of windows, fireplace bricks and door frames showing that a foundation has shifted from its original state. Once a foundation repair company has completed a pier foundation repair you will notice that the cracks will begin to seal. This type of remedy is more permanent and ensures no damage to the remainder of the house. It is also one of the more cost-effective and you should consider working with companies that offer this type of repair technique.

While many people may assume property structure repair can be completed independently, foundation cracking should be repaired by experienced technicians. The various methods discussed above require specialized tools and only foundation repair companies in San Antonio offer both the technicians with the knowledge to complete these repairs and the tools to do this. Of course, locating the most effective company is difficult and you must research the different companies online before making your decision. It is recommended that you read different testimonials of the technicians before contacting them directly.

As can be seen from the article above, foundation cracking can be a complicated situation to manage; however, by contacting the correct company you will be able to overcome the difficulty with ease.


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