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All You Need To Know About Foundation Repair Methods

foundation repair methodsThe foundation of a property is potentially the most significant part of a home. This is because it is the primary structural element that provides the base of the house carrying all its weight, including contents; therefore, it is essential you maintain a frequent check of this foundation to ensure it is in ‘tip-top’ shape. Sometimes, you may notice, the moisture from the property walls will leak into the foundation and cause cracks. In order to avoid any severe damage it is vital that you repair these cracks immediately. This article will provide you with some of the most common foundation repair methods.

As is mentioned above, foundation problems can be recognized via the cracks on a building’s wall and when floors or doors are difficult to close. This is generally due to changes in moisture, caused by weather, leading to a shrinking in soil beneath the foundation. The three most prevalent repair techniques include patching, slabjacking and piering.

1. Patching

Property foundation damage will most often begin with something as small as a crack in the wall caused by a shifting of soil or freezing of the ground; however, should this occur and immediate action is not taken the crack can enlarge and spread causing greater levels of seepage. By leaking water the foundation damage can be aggravated and the condition worsened, but patching using injection ports will help resolve the problem. The injection ports will then seal the cracks and fix the issue.

In some instances, if a patio or pool decking is damaged a stamped concrete or decorative finish will need to be applied subsequent to the repairs.

2. Slabjacking

In addition to water leakage, a foundation crack can also lead to tilting of the foundation in a particular direction – this is severe damage to the structure. The most effective means of managing this difficulty is via slabjacking. Slabjacking involves using the concrete slab to flat back the structure back into its correct position by drilling holes into the foundation and putting a chemical into place that will turn into polyurethane foam. Once in place the foam will expand and shift the concrete slab back to its original position.

3. Piering

Piering is a foundation repair method that incorporates an excavation of the damaged area. Piers are put into position at key points beneath the structure, wherever there is need for support. Once this is completed, technicians will hydraulically lift the building and simultaneously lock piers into their respective positions. Hydraulic cement is then placed against the shaft of the different piers and excavated earth is filled underneath the residence against the wall.

Final words on the matter

As can be imagined, the resolution of all foundation cracks and damage must be completed almost immediately. This is to avoid any further difficulties and any increased cost to you for small cracks can be expensive to repair and a large problem can be even more costly. Of course, this project will require specialized technicians; therefore it is necessary to locate a trained and reliable foundation repair company in order to repair your structure effectively. By following the article above and working with reliable technicians you will have a flawless foundation for your home.

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