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All You Need To Know About Foundation Cracking

foundation cracksIf you head down to your basement and see a large (or small) crack in the property foundation it can send fear through your heart. The foundation of a building is literally the building block of a structure and if this foundation is not sturdy there is a chance the house will crumble. The majority of people, when seeing foundation cracking, are not only concerned for the crack itself but also the cost of repairing that crack. To repair a crack you will require specialist services and these can be rather costly. Fortunately, if you take the time to educate yourself and gain some information on managing foundation cracking you will realize that the situation is not as overwhelming as it may seem. In fact, fixing the crack can be quite simple if you locate the right technician and use the most suitable method.

What can cause a foundation to crack?

There are various reasons as to why a structure’s foundation may crack. For example, an incorrect fill material may have been used when building the foundation leading to later cracking. Another common cause is water damage causing by bad plumbing or other types of water leaks. Damage by machinery is possible, as is cracking caused by a change in weather and shifting of the soil beneath the foundation. Identifying the overall reason for the crack is important in choosing a repair method and professional technicians can help with this procedure. These technicians can also assist in waterproofing the basement after repairing the damaged area.

What options are available to fix the foundation cracking?

There are numerous methods to repair a foundation crack, some which are more time-intensive and expensive than others. The easiest and most cost-effective is known as ‘patching’ and involves the filling of a crack using a polyurethane crack injection. The filling process begins by covering the surface of the damaged area to allow the crack to be filled from both sides of the hole using a special injection machine. The polyurethane is injected beginning at the bottom of the crack and fills the hole until the crack is filled completely. It must be left for 24 – 48 hours in order to dry and upon setting the damaged area is repaired.

Other methods to repair a foundation crack include rebuilding of the foundation, particularly where the crack is very large; however, these methods are far more costly than patching and require specialized services.

How can I find a repair technician?

If you notice a foundation crack at your residence it is important to locate a reputable and reliable technician to repair this difficulty as soon as possible. Of course, you should seek out a company offering the patching option as this is the most cost-effective method; however, it is recommended that you identify a foundation repair company that offers additional repair methods in case the crack is more severe than anticipated. Always check if the chosen technician has positive reviews via a third-party online review site and take these testimonials to heart.

Dealing with a damaged property foundation can be difficult, but by following the advice in this article it can be less overwhelming than imagined.

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